Viva Voce [Vee-Vah voh-che] is Michael John Mawdsley Jnr.

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Where You Can View Michael’s Work

Michael’s work is currently being exhibited by

Cire Perdue Art
at the Montecasino Ballroom Gallery, Sandton, Johannesburg

Michael trained and worked as a goldsmith and jeweller for over 25 years before turning his mind and hands to sculpture - an almost inevitable move since at the core of all his work, the creative drive had always been the main motivation.

The whole process of taking a basic idea through to a finished bronze requires the same creative drive and ability whether working as a creative goldsmith & jeweller or a sculptor and although Michael still produces jewellery, he finds the sheer physicality of the bronze art form more challenging and more satisfying.

To explore further examples of Michael’s work, please use the Human Form, African Fauna, Others for works ranging from door knockers to trout or the Apprentice tabs on the menu above - or just click the links here!! For a relatively complete explanation of how Bronzes are made, go to the FAQ ¬†page.

Michael’s sculptural work to date covers the triad of African Wildlife, the Human Form and the Local Flora. He has produced works from the very small, often to use as door knockers or business card holders, through to large, stand-alone works of art.

If you are interested in commissioning a specific work, please either phone him on +27 (0)83 294 0107 to discuss, or send a message via the Contact form here.

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